Wednesday, September 14, 2016

2nd Grade Trees, 3rd Grade Rainforest Pics, Kindergarten Mobiles

2nd graders are learning the difference between realistic and abstract.  We have been looking at the artist Gustav Klimt and his painting, "Tree of Life."  Students created their own abstract, swirly trees using matt board, Model Magic, and bling!


3rd graders are finishing up their rainforest collages.  Here are some of their pieces:

 Kindergarteners went on a nature walk to collect pine cones, sticks, rocks, and other objects.  We painted them and then used wire to create mobiles.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

5th Grade Clay Pieces

I love this person in a martial arts pose.
This week in 5th grade we jumped right into creating with clay.  5th graders just finished painting abstract objective people in motion.  This week we expanded on that idea by creating figures in motion out of clay.  Here are some of the pieces from Ms. Habas' class:
This guy is enjoying a good book.
This gal is cheering for the home team.