Monday, February 22, 2016

2nd Grade Clay Turles

2nd graders have been creating ocean inspired artwork.  We learned about sea turtles and compared and contrasted them to turtles that are found in Indiana.  They created turtle sculptures out of clay.  Here is Mrs. Carter's class sculpting their turtles today:


 Here are some of the glazed and finished turtles from Mrs. Hanger's class:

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ink painting, Magazine Collages, Clay Pinch Pots

4th graders are continuing their study of Chinese art.  This week we are looking at Chinese scrolls and ink painting.  We learned about the process of grinding Sumi ink and techniques used for ink painting.  Students looked at a still life and created their own paintings.

3rd graders are learning about the art of Romare Bearden.  We read the book, Me and Uncle Romie.  Then students created their own self-portrait collages with magazines.

Kindergarteners and 1st graders recently have been sculpting with clay.  Kindergarteners made clay pinch pots with faces.  We glazed the faces, and next we are hoping to plan grass seed in them so that it will grow to look like hair on top of the face.

1st graders have been learning about abstract art.  We looked at Laurel Burch's cat paintings and made our own abstract cat faces from clay.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Robots and Chinese Dragons

1st graders recently created robots using old computer parts, lids, nuts, bolts, and other electronics.  My favorite moment was when the students were did not know what the VHS tapes or floppy disks were called or what they were for!  Here are some of their finished products:

4th graders are learning about China and Chinese New Year.  They created these dragons:

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Bird baths, Fish, Clay Pockets, Canal Houses

Second graders have been creating artwork inspired by the ocean.  Here are a few of their clay bird baths from last semester that I think I forgot to post.  We melted glass stones in the kiln to look like the water.

 This past week, we've been creating ocean collages and used plaster of paris to create molds of fish.  Thanks so much to my volunteers who came in to help with this.  Students painted the fish, glued them to cardboard, added sand and other ocean creatures.

5th graders have been learning the difference between functional and non-functional clay pieces.  We created these functional clay pockets.  They are perfect for holding a small plant or flowers.

 3rd grade finished up a unit on Van Gogh by learning about the architecture of Amsterdam, Holland, where Van Gogh was from.  We learned about Dutch architecture and the different types of gables on their canal houses.  Ask your 3rd grader how they get furniture into these skinny houses.  Hopefully, they can explain about the cable system that is used.  Here are some of the Dutch clay houses that we made: