Thursday, January 28, 2016

Warm and Cool Colors and Batiked Pillows

Kindergarteners and 1st grade has been learning about warm and cool colors.  Here are some of the Kindergarteners' warm colored sculptures.

Here are some of their cool colored winter collages:

4th grade just finished up creating batik pillows.  Batik is a process typically done with wax and dye.  In class, we used glue to draw a design onto our fabric.  Then students painted over the dried glue.  Next, we washed off the dried glue, to reveal a white design.  Then we sewed the fabric with felt to create pillows.  Thank you so much to the parents and volunteers who came to help the 4th graders sew.  

Thursday, January 21, 2016

5th grade clay pockets and 2nd grade water lilies

5th graders are creating textured clay pockets.  We are learning about functional sculptures versus non-functional sculptures.  This piece of art will be able to function as a plant holder and can have many other uses.  Here is some of their work in the beginning stations.  The pieces will be dried, fired in the kiln, glazed, and then fired again.

2nd graders have been learning about Claude Monet, a French artist who is famous for painting waterlilies.  We learned about Monet's pink house and garden that inspired his paintings.  Here are some of their water garden collages:

Friday, January 15, 2016

Surrealist Rooms, Henna Hands, MLK Jr.

Rene Magritte's Surrealist Room
          We have been very busy in art these past 2 weeks after returning from break.  Here are some collages created by 5th graders.  We learned about Surrealism and the artwork of Rene Magritte.  We looked at one of Magritte's surrealist room paintings, and then students created their own. 

4th graders have been creating art inspired by the island of Zanzibar.  Here are some clay henna hands that they created:

In Character Education this month, we are celebrating diversity and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  We have been learning about the work that MLK Jr. did to bring civil rights to the U.S.  Students created artwork with MLK quotes.