Friday, October 17, 2014

Wire Sculptures, O'Keeffe Flowers, Van Gogh Sunflowers, Safari Animals, and Color Wheels

Here's what's been happening in art class this week:
1st grade created sculptures inspired by Alexander Calder.  Here are some of Calder's wire sculptures:
Here are the 1st grade wire sculptures:

2nd graders have been learning about artist, Georgia O'Keefe and her large flower paintings.
Georgia O'Keefe's painting
Here are some of their flower paintings inspired by Georgia O'Keefe:

3rd graders have been learning about Dutch artist, Vincent Van Gogh.
Van Gogh's Sunflower Painting

4th graders are learning about Kenyan animals.  They are creating paintings inspired by artist Jennifer Mercede.  This week we created animal drawings and will paint them next week.  Here is the beginning stages of their work:

5th graders are starting non-objective paintings inspired by Ndebele houses.  This week we painted in color wheels to practice mixing secondary and intermediate colors.
And finally, here is one more finished gnome from the 4th grade:

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Birds, Pumpkins, Masks

Here's what's been happening in art over the last week: 

Kindergarteners learned about texture, which describes how something feels.  They created fall texture collages.  Keep working with your Kindergarteners at home on cutting and gluing skills.
We are also finishing primary color collages this week and reviewing primary colors.  Students are stamping circles onto their collages this week.
1st graders made pumpkin faces and learned to mix different values of orange using red and yellow paint.
2nd graders have been continuing their study of nature related art.  We created bird and nest sculptures using model magic, feathers, paper scraps, and other odds and ends.

3rd graders created self-portrait costume collages using masks, feathers, and sequins:

 4th graders created dala dala collages inspired by the vehicles driven in Zanzibar.  Click below to see a short clip that shows what a dala dala is:

 5th graders have been learning about realistic art.  They drew and painted realistic fall still lifes.

 And in other news, both of our butterflies came out of their chrysalises last week. The fourth graders even got to watch the process.  Mrs. Robison's class and Miss Tinich's class got to set the butterflies free so that they could fly south to Mexico.