Friday, September 26, 2014

Lizards, Lines, Primary Colors, and Henna

Here's what we've been working on during the last week of September:

3rd grade: Lizards!  We have been learning about the rainforest.  We made these lizards using aluminum tooling foil.  A 3rd grade student had the wonderful idea of bending the legs to make the lizards pop up off the leaf.  I love how the kids come up with creative solutions!

1st Grade: We are learning about the artist Alexander Calder.  Here is one of Calder's line drawings of a face:

Here are the first graders making their own Calder inspired drawings:

We have been learning about primary colors and practicing cutting and gluing.  If you are the parent of a Kindergartener, these are great skills to continue practicing at home.  Here is a short video clip we watched about artist, Mondrian, who uses lines and primary colors:
Here is the beginning stages of our primary color collage:

4th grade:
We are learning about the island of Zanzibar.  Here is where Zanzibar is located:

Henna is a popular art form worn by women in Zanzibar.  Here are our henna hand collages with travel inspired quotes:

Monday, September 22, 2014

Art Explorers' Work

 Art Explorers is an after-school art program for 4th and 5th grade students.  We meet once a week for an hour and a half.  Because we have more time than we have during a typical art class, students are able to create more in-depth art pieces.  So far students have created trees from recycled materials, sand sculptures, and are in the process of making wreaths from egg cartons.  Here is some of their work:

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Gnomes Sweet Gnomes

Here are the finished gnomes by 4th grade.  We glazed the sculptures this week.  They were inspired the Travelocity Roaming Gnome.
Travelocity Gnome

 Kindergarteners created houses filled with lines and shapes using popsicle sticks.  We looked at the brightly colored Heidelberg houses located in Detroit.
Kindergarten houses
Heidelberg House in Detroit
                                   Here are a few more jungle pictures from 3rd grade:

3rd graders have been learning about the rainforest.  We read these books to go along with our unit:
Ask your child to tell you about some of the animals that live in the rainforest.

Here are more landscape drawings by 5th grade:

Klimt Trees and Butterflies

2nd graders have been learning the difference between abstract and realistic art.  We drew realistic trees first.  And then later we created abstract trees inspired by Gustav Klimt.  The kids were excited about using gold paint and gold markers.

 1st graders have been creating art focusing on lines and shapes.  This week we are finishing our symmetrical butterflies filled with lots of shapes and lines.  We are currently watching the metamorphosis of caterpillars turning to butterflies in our classroom.  Ask your child to tell you about the chrysalis that has appeared inside our butterfly net.   

Our butterfly net where we are watching caterpillars turn into butterflies