Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bucketfilling Celebration

On Friday, we had an afternoon of bucketfilling activities ranging from team building games, to a recycling relay, to a peacemaker art activity.  Below are pictures of students making peace mobiles.  They twisted together pipe cleaners, added beads, and wrote how they are going to be a peacemaker/bucketfiller this school year.  Talk to your child about what he or she wrote.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Welcome Back

Dear Parents,
I am very excited to welcome you back to school.  Many of you I know already from prior years.  If this is your first year at Three Creeks, I am looking forward to getting to meet and work with your child in art class.   We are very fortunate to have a large art room full of wonderful supplies and resources to use.  I will be discussing procedures and expectations for art class with your child during the first week.  I have listed our classroom rules below.  Please talk to your child about these expectations so that together we can help your child succeed in art class.
1.    Be kind and respectful.
2.    Be a good listener.
3.    Clean up and put things away.
4.    Do your best and work hard.
5.    Use the supplies wisely.

During art class students will be looking at and discussing the work of famous artists and paintings and learning about cultures from around the world.  We will also be creating art using a wide range of techniques including drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and clay.  There are a few items below that I am looking for to use for projects throughout the year.  If you check around your house and do find any of these things that you don’t need, I would love to add them to our collection of materials: 
Paper towel tubes                                      Brown paper grocery bags
Empty Altoid containers                           Brown paper lunch bags
Clean, old colorful socks (ones that don’t have a mate)                                        Old jewelry (it can be broken)
Paper plates
Popsicle sticks

            There are times when I need an extra set of hands for special projects and for hanging artwork.  If you are interested in volunteering, send me an email, and I will keep your name for when I need volunteers.  Make sure you have a background check on file in the office as well.  Thank you for your support. Together, we can make this a terrific experience! If you ever need to reach me you can email me at aahiga@tricreek.k12.in.us.


Mrs. Amy Ahiga

Art Teacher, Three Creeks Elementary