Monday, October 28, 2013

4th graders are currently learning about Kenyan art.  We've looked at popular ways of making jewelry in Kenya.  Two of the techniques we learned about are making beads and pendants from bone and from recycled paper.  Students created their own paper beads by rolling up strips of triangular paper.  We then used clay and painted it black and white to remind us of the style of the bone beads.  After all the beads were finished, students strung them together to create these necklaces:

 Kindergarteners have been learning about mixing colors.  We read the book Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh.  Students practiced using primary colors to make secondary colors by finger painting.  We made a glorious mess!

1st graders have been learning to weave using cardboard looms and strips of fabric.  This technique is always challenging for them, but I think after a bit of struggling we managed to have everyone complete their weaving.  We added paint and patterns to give it some decoration.
 And finally, here are pictures of the art room entrance decorated for Halloween.

Friday, October 18, 2013

More Fall Artwork

Our school is beautifully decorated with lots of fall artwork right now.  Every grade level made different types of fall art, using different mediums.  3rd graders learned how to make a print using styrofoam.  They drew fall leaves with abstract, patterned backgrounds, and then printed them on top of watercolor paintings.  Here is their artwork: 

 5th graders have been learning about the difference between Realistic, Objective, and Non-objective artwork.  Here are their Abstract/Objective Jack-o-lanterns, which were created using magazine scraps:

 To celebrate upcoming Red Ribbon Week, students have been learning about how to stay drug-free and make healthy choices during their Character Ed time.  Students in 1st-5th grade created posters that explain why they tune out drugs and good choices they can make instead.  Don't forget to dress up next week for Red Ribbon Week as our school celebrates being drug-free.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Paper and Clay Sculptures

Last week 1st graders created paper sculptures using strips of paper.  They twisted, bent, and folded the paper to make the paper 3-dimensional.  Then we assembled each sculpture together in the hallway to make one giant sculpture.  Here are some sculptures from Mrs. Hubbard's class:

3rd graders made clay jungle animals.  Everyone loved using the garlic press to create tiny hairlike pieces of clay that looked like plants and grass.  The animals were fired, glazed, and fired again.  I am just starting to unload them from the kiln.  Here are a few from Mrs. Luce's class:

Mrs. Korth's class glazed their pieces today:

The fifth grade house sculptures are also almost finished.  I'm still in the process of firing them.  Here are some from Mrs. Stanton's class:

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Art

As the weather begins to change, we have been celebrating the fall season in our artwork.  Students have been creating a variety of leaf and pumpkin art.  I even felt inspired to create my own fall mobile at home.  Below is some of our work:

My Fall Mobile

4th grade tree sculptures